Pasta lovers

Pasta lovers

Who are we

Alessandro, Jacopo, Matteo, three friends born in Milano. In 2012 our shared love for catering brought us out of Italy, to Budapest (Hungary), where we decided to open a restaurant. Though, we had a fixation: fresh pasta, as we ate it at our grandmothers’ when we were children.

We elaborate a concept and a production system that sets us apart from most part of caterings: before being a restaurant, we are a laboratory and a shop. We produce freshly every day our pastas and sauces. The daily offer is rapidly visible from our shop window and board.

We sell our pasta and our ready sauces, to easily cook at home; or we serve it in our shop, in some minutes, with a large portion at moderate price.

In the years we refined and changed our production methods and our service, but always following our values: eating our pasta should be a way to discover (or re-discover) the tradition of italian home made food.

Everywhere the italian kitchen (real or not) is widespread and appreciated. What we do in our laboratory is to offer a vision of the traditional Italian kitchen which revalues the simple tastes that you can find in a typical Italian family lunch.