The pasta “miracle”

Authenticity and italian tradition in budapest

Genuineness and Tradition

In Italy, pasta is synoym of genuineness. If you want a fast meal or a more sophisticated one, rarely pasta is missing. There are different reasons, but basically pasta is so important because it can be a complete meal, nourishing and easy to digest. A genuine food which offers energy for hours, without being heavy. A kitchen miracle? Yes, fresh durum wheat pasta is exactly this. And we are proud of it.

In our laboratory, the production is daily-based and respectful to this miracle: italian durum wheat semolina, fresh ingredients and a lot of passion. All our pastas are bronze die extruded, we don’t use artificial colourants and flavourings, nor preservatives. Our sauces are made in traditional pots, as if we were at home. When you order a dish, in few minutes our fresh pasta cooks in boiling water, dive in the sauce (holding its flavours) and is served to you. As it is, simple and genuine.

Traditional product

In Italy (and nowadays everywhere) you can easily find good quality durum wheat dried pasta. To dry the pasta a semi-industrial process is needed, in order to preserve the nutrition properties and allowing a longer preservation. Fresh pasta, with shorter preservation time but full of taste, is still carried on as a traditional milestone of Italian kitchen especially by small labs and shops, in all Italy. Every day, they create new jewels for their clients, in very limited editions. This tradition, often just local, keeps on only thanks the passion these small shops put each day in their production.

At 2 Spaghi, we want to help continue this tradition, even if far from Italy. Our vision is to bring eveywhere the usages, so well mantained by many proud laboratories in Italy. When you taste a fresh pasta dish, you taste a 2000 years tradition. Which was born with wheat cultivation, and grew up with the exceptional flair of Italian kitchen as we know it today.

We are grateful to this tradition, that is why we respect it and we want to spread it.

A simple food, also in price

Who makes it at home knows it: fresh pasta requires work and passion, but allows also to eat well without spending much.

We are a laboratory and a shop. Thus, thanks to a daily production, we can follow your requests mantaining accaptable costs. The result is that, at 2 Spaghi, a big dish (200 grams!) of fresh pasta costs much less that in a regualr restaurant.

At the same time, our daily production allows you to spend even less, if you want to eat at home: we give you fresh pasta and your favourite sauce, ready. You just add boiling water and salt. For your pleasure, and your guests’ delight.


Life rythms changed a lot. Eating (and cooking) should always be a moment to live together and know each other better, it should never be a fast circumstance.

Nevertheless, we all know what happens when our life fills up with things to do and times never seems enough: cooking fast, at least, can be necessary.

From two to five minutes: this is the cooking time of 2 Spaghi pasta. We try to not be in a rush, ever, but in case you are…be sure that you will be satisfied! Few minutes from your order, and your pasta will be ready, fresh and genuine.

Italian hospitality

What’s the secret ingredient? Why is our pasta so good? Hospitality makes always the difference.

At 2 Spaghi welcoming is not secondary, it’s one of the ingredients. We learnt a thing, in Italy, during centuries: a client doesn’t just eat with mouth, but with eyes, ears and nose. Food is always conviviality, staying together.

Before pasta, at 2 Spaghi there is always a smile. We hope that, beyond the taste, you will find and remember the sincere passion for what we do.