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Fresh Italian pasta 2 Spaghi Budapest

Fresh Italian pasta

Since 2012, 2 Spaghi is the first Fresh Pasta Bar in Budapest, created and managed by Italians with a common passion for fresh made pasta. In Italy, to have “2 spaghi” means to eat something light and fast with friends or family. This is exactly what you find at our place: a nutritious and fast meal, made of fresh pasta, home made sauces, some italian traditional desserts, a good espresso…and a lot of italianness!

Our production is daily freshmade and respectful towards our tradition: Italian durum wheat semolina, fresh ingredients and passion. All our pastas are bronze-drawn, we don’t use colourants and artificial flavours, nor preservatives. Our sauces are made everyday like if we were at our houses. When you order a dish, in few minutes our pasta cooks in boiling water, dive in the sauce and gets its flavours. We serve it like this, simple and genuine.

Ingredients and passion

We love fresh pasta. We love our tradition.

As our italian tradition teaches us, we always follow seasonality and availability principles, to obtain a simple pasta, tasty and healthy. Herbs, vegetables, fruits, meat are selected every week to offer freshness and unique tastes to our dishes. We use only italian ricotta and aged cheese for fillings and condiment. Only Italian tomatoes pulp for our sauces. Lastly, the durum wheat semolina, is the only flour that can give the perfect consistency to the final pasta. For example? To make our Pesto we use fresh basil, garlic, extra-virgin olive oil, Grana Padano cheese, pine nuts and walnuts. Our Caserecce pasta is just durum wheat semolina and water. Caserecce al Pesto…if we used other ingredients, they wouldn’t be so good!

Directly from producer to consumer, with a high quality product guarantee.

A direct relation with our customers allows us to constantly satisfy your needs. Every day you will find in 2 Spaghi different pastas and sauces, to cook at home or to eat on the spot, in a familiar atmosphere. As if you were in an authentic italian house: ours. If you have any request, for special occasions or events, we can produce your pasta in maximum 2 days.